Friday, December 3, 2010

Oh Christmas Cards, Oh Christmas Cards!!

Why is it that something that should be so fun always seems to turn into a major task?!? I think choosing a Christmas Card is that way just because I always want it to be so perfect! I HAVE to pick just the right picture(s) to show off my family and of course I want just the right wording to go with the picture(s). Well, this year I think it will be much easier for me...

Check out these awesome cards from Shutterfly! I'm thinking these will be great for showing everyone how much our family has grown and changed this year! I'm having a hard time deciding on which one I like the best though! The best part is that this year Shutterfly is offering 50 cards for free just by blogging about it! Check it out here so you can win free cards to send to me! Here is a link to the many different cards available on Shutterfly

I think this one might be my favorite...Love, Peace and Joy...can't sum it up much better than that! 2010 has certainly been filled with lots of love, peace and joy as we added to our family with our sweet 3rd baby, Cole!

I also really like this one...simple, yet elegant design.

I'm also going to order some books for Christmas gifts for all of the grandparents. Check out all of the neat designs Shutterfly has to choose from here.

And for myself...I'm REALLY hoping Santa will bring me one of these great wall canvases so I can show off my precious babies on my walls at home!

I think these will make awesome gifts and what better way to show everyone what we've been up to this year? 2010 has been one of the best years yet! I think this year our family was completed...the kids are growing up so fast...I just want to freeze time and remember them just like they are today! We'll never get these moments back and I want everyone else to see our family at this special time in our lives, that's why I'm so glad that we'll have each special moment captured through our cards and gifts that we'll be giving out this year!

Now, on to ordering my cards! Merry Christmas to all, and to Shutterfly cards!

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